Patient Testimonials

"I had severe right shoulder pain from a damaged rotator cuff injury and was scheduled for surgery in one month. I went to Gerard to get some relief prior to surgery. After three treatments per week for a month I felt tremendous relief, enough to cancel surgery. After the second month of Gerard's new technique of sparrow pecking I was close to being back to normal. Gerard is truly a modern healer and I highly recommend him."

Larry S. - Denver, Colorado

"Acupuncture not only helped me through the stress of infertility treatments, it also contributed to a successful pregnancy. I now have twins!"

Nancy S. - Woodbury Minnesota:

"Gerard has been amazing in solving my long standing, 20 year old, slip and fall on ice injury problem. Using the sparrow pecking acupuncture technique he has mastered, I have accomplished an incredible recovery. Thank you, Gerard, for giving me freedom from years of nagging, aching shoulder, neck and back pains with just a few months of treatment."

Janet R. St. Paul, Minnesota

"Our daughter started seeing Gerard when she was 12 1/2 years old. She started have migraine type headaches when she was 10 years old. We went through all the traditional doctors, testing and the Mayo Clinic with no answers andno relief. Gerard's treatments are the only relief she has ever had for her migraine headaches."

Teresa R. - Woodbury, MN